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Let the Sunshine from within! Exploration of the Dru Surya Namaskar and its benefits.

Note: Version française après la version anglaise.

Surya Namaskara translates from the Sanskrit as "salutation to the sun" (Surya=sun, namaskar=salutation). In all yoga traditions, this ancient sequence is understood to be a classic, and Dru is no exception.

Practicing the sun salutation has a direct vitalizing effect on our body, and with regular practice, it balances our energy levels.

I love practicing it, especially during winter when it's cold, it brings me heat from within and especially the Dru version of the sequence because it's a great workout and easy to adjust to your own needs and abilities. Everyone can benefit from it, either on a physical level or on an emotional one. If you want to know more about those modifications, I invite you to check on my Dru Sun Salutations morning practices! :)

- Physical Benefits

The benefits of the sequence will vary depending on how you practice it, depending on your pace, and the number of repetitions.

Generally speaking, the Surya Namaskara will give you physical stamina, help improve your flexibility, tone your body, and provide an aerobic workout.

With Dru’s flowing Surya Namaskara, you will specifically stretch the back and spine, tone the abdominal muscles, and increase the intestinal function because you are constantly folding and unfolding the spine, contracting and stretching the core muscles.

- Emotional and Energetic Benefits

When you practice the sun sequence regularly, you enhance the solar energy within you and revitalize your entire system. This increases creativity, resourcefulness, spontaneity, and enthusiasm in your thoughts and actions. Emotional and mental balance are also increased.

Ready to try it? Click here to get your FREE step-by-step guide to the Dru version of Surya Namaskar, available in English and in French!

Laissez le soleil briller de l'intérieur! Exploration de la Dru Surya Namaskar et de ses bienfaits.